You asked: Who founded the Advocate?

Who owns the Advocate?

Nine Entertainment briefly owned the newspaper after its $4-billion merger with Fairfax Media in July, 2018.

Who writes the advocate?

About Us | The Advocate

Peter Kovacs Executive Editor 225.388.0277
Timothy Boone Business Writer 225.388.0357
Kristen Mosbrucker Business Writer 225.388.0671
Smiley Anders Columnist 225.388.0639

How much is the advocate?

All Standard premium subscription rates are as follows: 1 month Daily & Sunday subscription rate is $44.99 per month plus tax. Saturday/Sunday subscription rate is $30.31per month plus tax. Effective 5/28/21 Standard Digital subscriptions include e-Edition with the rate of $17.95 per month.

What is the advocate in the Bible?

God’s call to advocacy — to plead another’s cause — is spread across the pages of the Bible, and we see powerful stories of Biblical characters who put that call into action. In both the Old and New Testaments, God calls on advocates to speak boldly, whether or not they believe they’re qualified.

What does the word advocate?

1 : one who pleads the cause of another specifically : one who pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court. 2 : one who defends or maintains a cause or proposal an advocate of liberal arts education.

How do I cancel my advocate subscription?

You can also process your request by contacting Subscriber Services at The Advocate – 225.388. 0200 The New Orleans Advocate – 504-529-0522; The Acadiana Advocate – 337.234. 0714: and following the automated prompt for temporary stops with a restart date. Contact us at The Advocate – 225.388.

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Do you need a prescription for advocate for dogs?

Advocate Small Dog – 3 Pack is a Prescription Only Veterinary Medicine and by law requires a prescription from your vet.

What is a digital advocate?

The digital advocate is a professional who stays educated and aware of the changing tools of their profession. Additionally, a digital advocate shares that knowledge with others, such as their team or project members, so that use of the tool is optimized in their group.