Who was the first female attorney?

Who is the first female lawyer in the world?

She was the first female graduate from Bombay University, and the first woman to study law at Oxford University.

Cornelia Sorabji
Died 6 July 1954 (aged 87) London, United Kingdom
Alma mater Bombay University Somerville College, Oxford
Occupation Lawyer, social reformer, writer
Parent(s) Francina Sorabji (mother)

Who was the first woman admitted to the bar?

The list begins with Belva Lockwood, who became the first woman admitted to the Bar in 1879, and contains the names of 97 women who joined the ranks of lawyers eligible to argue before the Court through 1920.

Who was the youngest justice ever appointed?

Story was the youngest justice appointed to the Supreme Court; he was 32 when commissioned to the court in 1811. Story was one of two justices nominated to the Supreme Court by President Madison. He served during The Marshall Court and The Taney Court.

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