What was the lawyer’s first impression of Lutkins?

What was the lawyers first impression of Lutkins?

Lutkinswas always the first to enter the placeswhere he took the lawyer. He prevented the lawyer from directlytalking with the people at these places. In this manner he would takethem into his confidence. This is probably the reason why no one letout the secret.

What impression did the lawyer come back to the city?

The lawyer returned his home happy and with good memories of the people. He didn’t have any complaints about not being able to find Lutkins. The narrator was very happy to meet the people of New Mullion. Their helpful nature and gratitude made him very happy and excited.

Why is the lawyer sent to New mullion what brought about a change in the lawyer’s perspective about the place?

The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He had expected the place to be a sweet and simple country village. … He told him that he knew Lutkins and would help the lawyer in finding him.

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How did Lutkins mother receive the narrator?

Answer: When Bill told to the lutkin’s mother that the narrator is a lawyer and he come here to search her property. Lutkin’s mother invited them in kitchen and took out an iron rode froM stove and threatened them to burn them by that .

What was the lawyer’s first impression of Lutkins Why did he change his attitude later on?

Answer: The lawyer was quite irritated to serve summons and look for a witness in a case, due to which he was in New Mullion. He felt that the whole town gave off a wrong image and sounded more depressed and less interesting.

Why do lawyers not find Lutkins?

The lawyer could not find Lukens because the hack driver, Bill himself was Lukens. ‘Inca the lawyer had not seen or met him before, he could not identify him and Lukens took adman tautly. And he played a practical joke on the lawyer.

Who befriended the narrator?

Answer: On reaching New Mullion, he found that a delivery man (hack driver) was willing to help him find him the person in querry. He would charge two dollars an hour for that work, as it would be very difficult to locate Lutkins.

Why did the narrator rejoice when he was sent to New mullion?

Answer: The narrator did not like the dirty and dark sides of the city life. He thought that he would find some pleasant sights in New Mullion. So, he was happy to go there.

Why did Bill take the lawyer to Fritz shop Why did Bill ask him to keep out of sight there?

Why did the narrator and Bill proceed to Fritz and why did Bill ask him to keep out of sight behind him? Ans. Bill told the narrator that probably Oliver Lutkins was trying to start a poker game in the back of Fritz’s shop. Bill led him there and he asked the narrator to hide behind him.

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Do we come across persons like Lutkins?

Do we come across persons like Lutkins only in fiction or do we encounter them in real life as well? You can give examples from fiction, or narrate an incident that you have read in the newspaper, or an incident from real life. Answer: Persons like Lutkins are found in real life as well.