What show did William Shatner play a lawyer?

Why did Boston Legal get canceled?

Created by David E Kelley, Boston Legal ran for five seasons and was cancelled when it was still running strong. … Boston Legal was far removed from reality with its politically incorrect but self-aware dialogue and dramatic legal practices.

Did James Spader and William Shatner get along?

Shatner said his humorous and offbeat relationship with Spader was a “shotgun marriage officiated over” by creator David E. Kelley. Their on-screen chemistry comes from a genuine fondness off-screen. “He has a penchant for detail and the truth, and it’s wonderful to watch him perform,” Shatner said of Spader.

Did William Shatner ever play a lawyer?

Denny Crane is a legendary lawyer and name partner in Crane, Poole & Schmidt, who is also best friends with Alan Shore. He is portrayed by William Shatner.

Who does Alan Shore end up with?

Monday night’s “Boston Legal” series finale was a satisfying two-hour event built around two weddings and a takeover. The highlight was the marriage of James Spader’s Alan and William Shatner’s Denny, who decided to tie the knot in Massachusetts for medical and financial reasons since Denny was facing Alzheimer’s.

Why did Boston Legal have so many cast changes?

Series creator David E. Kelley says cast changes are necessary because the process of selecting talent is an inexact process. … The addition of Bowen to “Boston Legal” does mean that she won’t return to the ABC series “Jake in Progress,” and a replacement will be needed.

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Does James Spader really smoke?

He smokes, likes a beer, likes pizza and jazz piano.

What did DeForest Kelley died from?

Is Captain Kirk still alive?

James Tiberius Kirk is a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise. Originally played by actor William Shatner, Kirk first appeared in Star Trek: The Original Series serving aboard the starship USS Enterprise as captain.

James T. Kirk
Born March 22, 2233 Riverside, Iowa
Died 2371 Veridian III