What are the various duties of a advocate towards fellow advocate?

What are the various duties of an advocate towards fellow advocate?

Rules of An Advocate’s Duty Towards Fellow Advocates

  • Not advertise or solicit work. …
  • Sign-board and Name-plate. …
  • Not promote unauthorized practice of law. …
  • An advocate shall not accept a fee less than the fee, which can be taxed under rules when the client is able to pay more.
  • Consent of fellow advocate to appear.

What are the duties of an advocate towards colleagues?

it is the duty of the advocate to maintain the decorum of the court and act properly with his opponents or colleagues. He must always act in the best interests of his clients and should not do any kind of act that betrays their trust upon him.

What are the duties of an advocate towards his client and opponent advocate?

An advocate should ensure that the interests of the client are not in any manner hurt by his act or omissions. He must also defend a person accused of a crime, regardless of his personal opinion as to the guilt of the accused and must not abuse or take advantage of the confidence reposed in him by the client.

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What are the responsibilities of advocate?

provide clear and timely advice to assist their clients. follow a client’s lawful, proper and competent instructions. avoid any conflict of interests. maintain client’s confidences.

What are the duties and qualities of an advocate?

10 Qualities of Successful Advocate

  • Honesty integrity and character : An advocate should be honest and must be a man of integrity and character. …
  • Patience and perseverance : …
  • Legal learning: …
  • General education : …
  • Memory : …
  • Study of Law Reports: …
  • Use of legal phraseology : …
  • Manner in court:

What can an advocate not do?

An advocate will not: give you their personal opinion. solve problems and make decisions for you. make judgements about you.

What is the role of advocate on record?

Advocate on Record is an advocate who is entitled under the Order IV of the Supreme Court Rules, 2013 (previously Order IV of the Supreme Court of India Rules, 1966), framed under Article 145 of the Constitution, to act as well as to plead for a party in the Supreme Court of India.

Which among the following is an advocate not prohibited from doing?

An advocate shall not solicit work or advertise, either directly or indirectly, whether by circulars, advertisements, touts, personal communications, interviews not warranted by personal relations, furnishing or inspiring newspaper comments or producing his photographs to be published in connection with cases in which …

When dress code is compulsory for an advocate?

Under the Indian Judiciary system, the dress code is black coat or robe over a white shirt and a white neckband is mandatory as the Indian legal system is influenced by British rules. The dress code is specified under the Advocates Act of 1961. Every lawyer in India wears a neckband.

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Who can become an advocate?

To become an Advocate, one has to first possess a degree in L.LB. To get the L.LB degree the eligible candidate has to undertake an entrance test conducted by Law departments of various universities of the India or the independent law schools/ Institutions.

How do you deal with advocates?

You should feel comfortable when discussing fees with an advocate. Talking money with your advocate is an excellent way to judge how he or she treats clients. No matter which type of fee agreed upon between you and your advocate, always obtain proof of the agreement in writing.