Quick Answer: Why did the lawyer not like his job?

Why was lawyer not happy with his job?

Answer: The lawyer had got a job as junior assistant clerk in a very good law firm. But he hated his job because he was not given the job for preparing law cases instead he was sent to the sinister areas of the city to look people and serve them summons.

Why did the narrator not like his job in a law firm?

Explanation: The narrator hated his word because he had to visit the corners of the city as a part of his job. He was asked to reach any part of the city to serve summons to the people. … This was the reason he considered his job to be unpleasant.

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What attitude did the lawyer have to the country life?

Explanation: The lawyer who came to New Mullion was of the view that life in the countryside is more peaceful and pleasant than city life. He thought that the people living in the countryside are simple, humble and rustic.

What hurt the lawyer in New mullion and why?

What hurt the lawyer in New Mullion and why? The lawyer found out the truth about Lutkins the next day. … As they saw the lawyer coming, Lutkins and his mother laughed at him as if he were a small boy of seven. It hurt him because it proved that he was stupid and inexperienced.

Do lawyers fall in love with their clients?

Both the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit lawyers and clients from engaging in “sexual relations” unless they predated the representation. … But don’t get carried away too fast: the attorney-client relationship is professional, not personal.

Who was the hack driver what really hurt the narrator’s feeling?

Answer: The hack driver was Lutkins himself. He had driven the lawyer previous day. The narrator was really hurt when Lutkins and his mother were laughing at him as if he were a bright boy of seven.

How does Lutkins befool the lawyer?

Lutkins was a jolly-natured and fun-loving person. When he got to know that the lawyer came to the village searching for him, he came up with a plan to befool him. Apart from that, he found the lawyer young, gullible, inexperienced. So he befooled him by posing as Bill and made fun of him in front of all the villagers.

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What hurt the narrator?

(a) The laughter of Lutkins and his mother hurt the narrator. (b) The two laughed because they had been successful in fooling him.

What did Bill the hack driver say about Lutkins?

What does Bill say about Lutkins? Answer: Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard person to find as he was always busy in some activity or the other. He owed money to many people, including Bill, and had never paid back anybody. He also said that Lutkins played a lot of poker and was good at deceiving people.

How was the lawyer fooled at the new mullion How did his opinion about new mullion change?

He also assumed that the people of countryside were simple and and not cunning. His thoughts met with a shock when he was fooled and humiliated by a hack driver in New Mullion. The lawyer was fooled by the tricks of the Hack driver who himself was Oliver Lutkins whom the narrator had been searching for.

Why did the hack driver helped the narrator?

The hack driver offered to help the narrator to look for Oliver Lutkins as he thought of playing a prank on the narrator. The hack driver himself was the Lutkins. When he came to know that the narrator had never seen Lutkins, he planned to make fool of the narrator.

Why did the narrator rejoice when he was sent to New mullion?

Answer: The narrator did not like the dirty and dark sides of the city life. He thought that he would find some pleasant sights in New Mullion. So, he was happy to go there.

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Why was the lawyer rejoiced at his new assignment?

Why did the lawyer rejoice at his new assignment? Ans. Working in the dirty and shadowy parts of the city was becoming more dangerous and difficult for the lawyer. He was overjoyed when his law firm sent him out forty miles out in the country to a town called New Mullion.

How did his experience at New mullion change it?

How did his experience at New Mullion change it? Answer: The lawyer hated city life as he found city people cunning and at times very aggressive. He assumed country life to be sweet and simple but his visit to New Mullion completely changed his attitude.