Question: Who is present Advocate General in AP?

Who is an Advocate General?

An advocate general of a state is a senior officer of the law. In some common law and hybrid jurisdictions the officer performs the function of a legal advisor to the government, analogous to attorneys general in other common law and hybrid jurisdictions.

How many advocates are there in Andhra Pradesh?

At present there are more than 61,000 Advocates on the rolls of the Andhra Pradesh State Bar Council, who elected the Members of the Bar Council.

What is the salary of Advocate General?

Advocate General – Estimated to be Rs. 1.25 lakh/month.

Who is India’s first solicitor general?

Unlike the Attorney General, Solicitor General does not give legal advice to the Government of India. His workload is confined to appearing in courts on behalf of the Union of India. The first Solicitor General of independent India was C K Daphtary.

Who is AP High Court judge?

Arup Kumar Goswami sworn in as Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

What is the salary of Attorney General of India?

The Attorney General of India is paid equivalent to the salary of a Supreme Court judge which is Rs90,000. However, the Advocate General of Goa Atmaram Nadkarni out beats them all, while he gets paid upto a whopping Rs8 lakh a month. Besides this he also pockets Rs75,000 for every official visit to New Delhi.”

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