Question: What Enquiries do solicitors raise to sellers?

Do Solicitors always raise Enquiries?

During the process of buying a property, your solicitor will raise enquiries with the seller’s solicitor. This is a standard part of the buying process and is done in order to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with prior to Contract Exchange.

How long does it take for a solicitor to raise Enquiries?

The time scale for solicitors enquiries depends on how responsive both parties and the respective buyers and sellers are. They will typically take 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the sale. If the enquiries take longer than this it’s worth chasing up your solicitor.

What are Enquiries when selling a house?

Conveyancing enquiries (or simply enquires) are the questions raised by the Conveyancer acting for the buyer in a property transaction.

How do solicitors speed up sellers?

Contact the seller’s solicitor to receive the contract pack. Raise any queries about the contract pack with the seller’s solicitor. Carry out all necessary searches. Obtain a copy of your mortgage offer.

What comes first search Enquiries?

When the draft contract papers are received, your solicitor will order searches (such as the local search, environmental search, water and drainage search, flood report) and will raise any necessary enquiries of the seller’s solicitors based on the draft contract and supporting documents received.

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How long does it take to exchange after Enquiries?

A transaction that would be considered quick would still typically take around 2-3 weeks from enquiries to exchange of contracts. A more typical transaction will take anything from 4-8 weeks after enquiries have been completed to reach exchange of contracts. Many take longer.

Can I contact the sellers solicitors?

As far as your second question goes, it’s not illegal to contact your vendors’ solicitors directly but it is frowned upon, as solicitors generally prefer to communicate with each other rather than with each others’ clients.

Why are my Enquiries taking so long?

There are numerous factors that can cause delays, delays in conducting or obtaining searches, differences in valuations, the size of the chain, unresponsive buyers or sellers, a solicitor having too much to handle or simply being bad at his or her work.

How long do searches and Enquiries take?

The time between conveyancing searches and exchange of contracts is typically between 1 and 3 weeks. Although this may seem like quite a long time, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re on the home straight!

What happens after Enquiries are answered?

Once all queries have been answered, and your conveyancing solicitor is satisfied from a legal perspective, they will report their findings to you in a ‘report on title’. … If you see ‘not made’ against any of the queries, it means your solicitor did not deem it necessary to make that particular enquiry.

How do I raise my Enquiries conveyancing?

Raising Enquiries – Your conveyancer will go through and examine both the contracts and supporting documentation in order to raise enquiries with the seller’s conveyancer. Standard basic enquiries can include: Requesting a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate. Requesting a copy of the Latest Water Statement.

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What documents are needed to exchange contracts?

At exchange: Both parties’ solicitors are in possession of a signed contract. The seller’s solicitor also holds the signed transfer of title deed (TR1 form) The buyer’s solicitor is in possession of cleared deposit funds, a mortgage offer and buildings insurance policy, if required.