How do I contact the Attorney General’s Office in Illinois?

How do I contact the attorney general of Illinois?

To discuss a data security breach or security event that has or may trigger breach notification to Illinois residents, or to submit a consumer breach notification template or information about an offer of credit monitoring or fraud detection services, please email or contact the Attorney General’s …

How do I file a complaint against a business in Illinois?

To report a violation you may:

  1. Call the OEIG’s toll-free hotline at 866.814.1113.
  2. Complete an online complaint form.
  3. Contact the Office via telecommunications device for the disabled (TTY) at 888.261.2734;
  4. Mail a completed complaint form to:
  5. Fax a completed complaint form to 312.814.5479.

Is Illinois attorney general office open?

Chicago — In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health pandemic, Attorney General Kwame Raoul issued the following statement announcing that the Attorney General’s offices throughout Illinois will remain open with reduced staffing levels.

What are the three Illinois consumer protection agencies?

The work of the Division is carried out by the following bureaus: Consumer Fraud Bureau, Charitable Trust Bureau, Franchise Bureau, Health Care Bureau, and Military and Veterans Rights Bureau.

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What’s the difference between attorney and lawyer?

Lawyers are people who have gone to law school and often may have taken and passed the bar exam. … An attorney is someone who is not only trained and educated in law, but also practices it in court. A basic definition of an attorney is someone who acts as a practitioner in a court of law.

Can you report a business for not wearing masks Illinois?

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) through their COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-252-2923; or email …

How do you report unfair business practices?

The Public Inquiry Unit of the California Attorney General’s Office handles consumer fraud complaints.

  1. Phone: 800-952-5225 or. 916-322-3360 outside of California.
  2. Online complaint form.

How do I file a legal complaint against a company?

Check out 10 effective ways and online destinations where you file complaints about a company where they’ll pay attention to.

  1. Go to the Company Website: …
  2. The Better Business Bureau. …
  3. The Federal Trade Commission. …
  4. Ripoff Report. …
  5. …
  6. Yelp. …
  7. Planetfeedback. …
  8. Google Your Attorney General.

What 3 offices must all counties in the State of Illinois elect?

(c) Each county shall elect a sheriff, county clerk and treasurer and may elect or appoint a coroner, recorder, assessor, auditor and such other officers as provided by law or by county ordinance.