Do police interviews need solicitors?

Can the police interview you without a solicitor?

Being questioned without legal advice

If you do not want to have a solicitor with you during your police interview, you do not need to. If you’re under 18 or a vulnerable adult, then usually the police cannot interview you without a solicitor in the room.

Should I get a solicitor for a police interview?

If you ask for a solicitor to attend to assist you in a police interview, the police cannot refuse. They must either arrange a solicitor for you (the duty solicitor) or make contact with a named solicitor of your choice who is willing to act.

Do you have to pay a solicitor for voluntary police interview?

You can contact a law firm, such as Howells, before your voluntary interview, or the Police interviewer will ask if you would like a duty solicitor appointed to you and you can ask the officer for a specific law firm. The legal representation is free in any of these situations.

Can you be questioned without a solicitor?

Being questioned without legal advice

Once you’ve asked for legal advice, the police can’t question you until you’ve got it – with some exceptions. The police can make you wait for legal advice in serious cases, but only if a senior officer agrees.

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How long is a police interview?

The duration of an interview varies. They could typically take around 1-2 hours. You are not required to take anything with you unless you have documents that are relevant to the investigation.

Can the police deny you a solicitor?

If you decide to exercise this right, except in pressing circumstances – such as to prevent someone being hurt – the police officers cannot question you until you have received advice. You can decline legal advice, and, if you do, you may change your mind later.

Do I have to accept a police caution?

You do not have to accept a caution! A caution is a possible outcome of an arrest, which you may be offered instead of being charged. The police make cautions sound less serious, but they are an admission of guilt, and will still go on your record.

Can I be charged without being interviewed?

Can I be charged without being interviewed? A police interview takes place because the police need evidence in order to be able to charge a suspect. Therefore, unless you have been directly caught committing a crime, no charges can be brought without going through the process of an interview.

What does a solicitor do in a police interview?

This information isn’t always given to people who do not have a solicitor. Your solicitor will advise you of what to say, or not to say, in the police interview. They will advise you about whether there is any evidence against you, how to raise a defence or an alibi, if appropriate.

Can police refuse interview?

You will be cautioned before the interview takes place which outlines that anything you say can be used in evidence against you and that you have a right to remain silent in the interview (ie, refuse to answer any or all questions).

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What is a voluntary statement to police?

The voluntary statement is given to police freely by the suspect. Statements given by suspects can become pivotal to the court case. Because criminal suspects have due process rights how these statements are collected becomes vey important in the criminal investigation and the court process.