Can a paralegal represent you in court Ontario?

Can paralegals represent clients in court Ontario?

Representing clients and providing legal advice

In some provinces, including Ontario, Paralegals can provide legal advice and may even be able to represent clients in court. … However, they are not permitted to represent clients in family court.

Can paralegals practice in Ontario Court of Justice?

Subsection 6 (2) authorizes licensed paralegals to represent someone: In Small Claims Court. In the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act. … Before administrative tribunals, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Are paralegals officers of the court Ontario?

For years it was never certain, but now Ontario’s more than 8000 paralegals are set to be deemed “officers of the court”, similar to that of lawyers.

Who can paralegals represent in Ontario?

You may choose to have a paralegal represent you in:

Tribunals, such as the Landlord and Tenant Board or the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Certain summary conviction criminal charges under the Criminal Code proceeding in the Ontario Court of Justice.

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How much do paralegals earn in Ontario?

Paralegal and related occupations (NOC 4211) usually earn between $17.58/hour and $50.55/hour in Ontario. People working as a “paralegal” are part of this group.

Can a paralegal act as a lawyer?

Practice law

Put simply: No. Paralegals may have significant legal knowledge, but they aren’t licensed to work as attorneys—so they cannot practice law. As such, to avoid the unauthorized practice of law, a paralegal should not work without the supervision of a lawyer.

What is the role of a paralegal in Ontario?

Paralegals licensed in Ontario are able to provide representation to clients at tribunals and in the lower courts, such as small claims court. They can also appear before a judge to argue on behalf of a client for minor offences that have a conviction period or six months or less.

Can paralegals do real estate law in Ontario?

Paralegals are legal professionals that are able to provide a limited array of legal services. … However, paralegals in Ontario cannot represent individuals in family court matters nor are they allowed to draft basic legal documents, like wills or real estate documents.

Can paralegals do immigration law in Ontario?

Can paralegals provide legal services related to immigration law? Bill C-35, an act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act came into force on June 30, 2011 and paralegals who are licensed by the Law Society are now eligible to provide certain legal services in the field of immigration law.

What is the difference between a law clerk and a paralegal in Ontario?

A law clerk works under the supervision and direction of a lawyer and a paralegal works for the public on matters permitted by The Law Society of Ontario. A law clerk is covered under the lawyer’s insurance; a paralegal is required to carry professional liability insurance.

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Are lawyers officers of the court in Canada?

All persons who may practise as barristers, advocates, counsel, attorneys, solicitors or proctors in the Court are officers of the Court. But the Supreme Court is a statutory court. Calarco notes that determining the right of appearance are part of the discretionary powers of courts with inherent jurisdiction.