Best answer: How do I become an extra Solicitor General?

How can I become additional solicitor general in India?

The proposal for appointment of Solicitor General, Additional Solicitor General is generally moved at the level of Joint secretary/Law Secretary in the Department of Legal Affairs and after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Law & Justice, the proposal goes to the ACC and then to the president.

What does Additional Solicitor General do?

advise any party against the Government of India or a Public Sector Undertaking, or in cases in which he is likely to be called upon to advise, or appear for, the Government of India or a Public Sector Undertaking; defend an accused person in a criminal prosecution, without the permission of the Government of India; or.

How many additional solicitor general are there?

The Committee has further reappointed 5 Additional Solicitor Generals for a period of 3 years with effect from 1st July. The ASG’s appointed are Vikramjit Banerjee, Aman Lekhi, Madhavi Godaria Divan, KM Nataraj and Sanjay Jain.

How do you become a solicitor general?

Solicitor General Eligibility Criteria

  1. He/She has been for at least five years a Judge of as High Court or two or more than two such courts; or.
  2. He/She has been for at least ten years an advocate of a High Court or of two or more than two such courts; or.
  3. He/She is, in the opinion of the President, a distinguished jurist.
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What is the Article 143?

Article 143 of the Constitution of India confers upon the Supreme Court advisory jurisdiction. Article 143 Power of President to consult Supreme Court. … Firstly, the President may obtain the opinion of the Supreme Court on any question of law or fact that has arisen or likely to arise.

What is the difference between the attorney general and solicitor general?

In systems that have an attorney-general (or equivalent position), the solicitor general is often the second-ranked law officer of the state and a deputy of the attorney-general.

How much does the Solicitor General make?

$176,597 (USD)/yr.

How do you address a Solicitor General?

Court documents confirm an attorney general and solicitor general are addressed and referred to as ‘General (Surname)’ in courtroom settings. Federal and state supreme and appellate court proceedings refer to attorneys general as ‘General (Surname)’.

Can Solicitor General take part in Parliament?

He has the right to attend and speak in the proceedings of either Houses of the State Legislature without any right to vote. He has the right of audience in any Court in the State.