Your question: Who is the assistant deputy attorney general Ontario?

Who was the assistant attorney general under Trump?


Office Nominee
Assistant Attorney General (Civil Division) Ethan P. Davis
Assistant Attorney General (Civil Rights) Eric Dreiband
Assistant Attorney General (Criminal Division) Brian Rabbitt
Assistant Attorney General (Environment and Natural Resources Division) Jeffrey Bossert Clark

What does the assistant attorney general?

What does an Assistant Attorney General do? Assistant Attorneys General head the divisions of the federal government responsible for enforcing law and administering justice at the executive level. … This makes you responsible for shaping national policy and pursuing those who violate laws relevant to your division.

How much do Crown attorneys make in Ontario?

(Starting Ontario Crown lawyers make about $76,000 a year. Managers can earn more than $202,000 a year.) They have a defined-benefit pension plan, health benefits, prescription drug coverage, supplemental hospital benefits, dental coverage, vision and hearing aid benefits, insurance and vacation.

Who appoints Attorney General Canada?

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Minister of Justice Attorney General of Canada Ministre de la Justice procureur général du Canada
Reports to Parliament Prime Minister
Appointer Monarch (represented by the governor general); on the advice of the prime minister
Term length At Her Majesty’s pleasure
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What is the equivalent of Attorney General in Canada?

The 52nd and current Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada is David Lametti.

How do you serve the Attorney General in Ontario?

You can serve documents on the Crown or Attorney General of Ontario by email or in person:

  1. email:
  2. in person: Crown Law Office – Civil. McMurtry-Scott Building. 8th Floor. 720 Bay Street. Toronto, Ontario. M7A 2S9.

What does the R stand for in RV accused?

Quick definitions

R = If R is mentioned in the case name (example: R v Sloppenhorn), this would be a criminal case. “R” stands for Regina, which is Latin for the Queen. The Crown of Canada (aka Regina) is thus a party to the case. … The case name is also more technically referred to as the Style of Cause.

How many attorney generals are there?

Of the 50 Attorneys General, 25 do not have a formal provision specifying the number of terms allowed. Of the 44 elected attorneys general, all serve four-year terms with the exception of Vermont, who serves a two-year term.

How do you pluralize Attorney General?

“General” here, though, is an adjective, not a noun; you can think of them as “general attorneys.” So the plural goes on the noun, and the proper form is “attorneys general.” Unless you’re British. Then you can call them “attorney-generals,” but don’t forget the hyphen.