Your question: How much does the CEO of Advocate Aurora make?

How much does the CEO of Aurora make?

Their average pay hike was 37%, easily outpacing national trends. Jim Skogsbergh of Advocate Aurora Health was the highest-paid local CEO for the fifth year in a row, taking home $11.7 million in 2017—up 42% from the year prior.

Is Advocate Aurora for profit?

The not-for-profit, 26-hospital system said in its latest earnings report, posted Monday, that it generated $13.1 billion in total revenue for 2020, up 2.6% from 2019. Advocate Aurora is the latest hospital system to end 2020 in the black.

How much do Hospital CEOs get paid?

A 2015 report from the Economic Research Institute found that the average CEO pay in most nonprofit industries was around $100,000- $200,000. The only exceptions were university CEOs, who were paid an average of $260,000, and hospital CEOs, who were paid an average of $616,000.

Who is the highest paid hospital CEO?

The highest-paid healthcare executive was listed as Amir Rubin from 1Life Healthcare, doing business as One Medical. He reportedly earned $199,053,051 last year.

How old is Skogsbergh?

Skogsbergh, 52, came to Advocate in 2001 to run the 12-hospital, faith-based health system that is the largest integrated healthcare delivery system in the Midwest. He and his wife Diana have three children.

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Who owns Advocate Health Care?

In January 1995, Evangelical Health Systems Corporation and Lutheran General HealthSystem merged to create Advocate Health Care. A common mission, values and philosophy Mission & Values was developed from the rich faith based and values-driven histories of both organizations.

Is Advocate Health Care not for profit?

Advocate Health and Hospitals Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization, with an IRS ruling year of 1937, and donations are tax-deductible.

Who is the highest-paid nonprofit CEO?

Ranked by Total compensation as of the organization’s most-recent 990 tax filing

Rank Person Work Title
1 Pauley, James President & CEO
2 Woolf, Louis President & CEO
3 Volpe, Mark Former President & CEO
4 Monroe, Dan Former Executive Director

Who is the highest-paid person in a hospital?

Physicians and Surgeons

Surgeons earn more than physicians typically, with neurosurgeons topping the list, as some earn over a million dollars annually. Orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgeons are also high earners. Even the “lowest” earning physicians earn six figures.