Question: What does the lawyer think about new mullion?

What does the lawyer first think about new mullion?

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case. He first thinks that the place must be a sweet and simple country village.

What did the lawyer think of Bill after his first visit to New mullion?

Answer: While returning, the young lawyer was too busy thinking about Bill Magnuson. He was so fascinated with Bill being “so deep and richly human” and others so soft-spoken, simple and wise that he thought of returning to New Mullion to practice law.

How was the lawyer fooled at the new mullion?

Lutkins took the lawyer all across New Mullion in search of Lutkins himself. He successfully fooled the lawyer—an educated man of the city. During this process of deception, almost all the people in the town got to see the lawyer.

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How was the lawyer looked at the new mullion How did his opinion about new mullion change?

He also assumed that the people of countryside were simple and and not cunning. His thoughts met with a shock when he was fooled and humiliated by a hack driver in New Mullion. The lawyer was fooled by the tricks of the Hack driver who himself was Oliver Lutkins whom the narrator had been searching for.

Why do lawyers send new mullion?

Answer : The Lawyer is sent to New Mullion to catch a man named, Oliver Lutkins. He initially thinks of New Mullion as a sweet and simple country village. However, his expectations were shattered on reaching New Mullion.

Why is the lawyer sent to New mullion Why does his happiness turn to disappointment?

The joy of the lawyer turned into disappointment when he reached New Mullion because he had thought it would be a beautiful, idyllic place; but It turned out to be quite a dirty and squalid town.

What hurt the lawyer in New mullion and why?

What hurt the lawyer in New Mullion and why? The lawyer found out the truth about Lutkins the next day. … As they saw the lawyer coming, Lutkins and his mother laughed at him as if he were a small boy of seven. It hurt him because it proved that he was stupid and inexperienced.

Why do lawyers not find Lutkins?

The lawyer could not find Lukens because the hack driver, Bill himself was Lukens. ‘Inca the lawyer had not seen or met him before, he could not identify him and Lukens took adman tautly. And he played a practical joke on the lawyer.

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Why did Lutkins take him to his Neighbour’s house for a cup of coffee?

Not only this, they requested him to join them for a coffee at a neighbor’s house because they were the only people left in the village who had not seen him yesterday when he was searching for Lutkins though Lutkins was riding with him in the hack.

How did Bill manipulate the innocence of lawyer?

He deceived the lawyer throughout and also made money by taking the lawyer around. Thus, he was able to make a fool of the lawyer by taking him all over the village without success, as the lawyer did not recognise Lutkins and so did not realise that it was Lutkins himself who was taking him around.

Why did the narrator and Bill proceed to Fritz and why did Bill ask him to keep out of sight behind him?

Explanation: Fritz hesitated and then admitted that Lutkins was there a little while ago. Bill kept the narrator behind him because he didn’t want him to talk to any person directly. Had he done so, Bill would have been exposed at once that he was playing a double role.

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