Is Attorney General a minister?

Is Attorney General Member of Parliament?

The Attorney General of India can be a member of any Parliamentary Committee. … The Attorney General of India can take part in the proceedings of either House of Parliament. 3.To be appointed as the Attorney General of India, a person must be qualified to be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of India.

Is Attorney General a government position?

Since the 1870 Act that established the Department of Justice as an executive department of the government of the United States, the Attorney General has guided the world’s largest law office and the central agency for enforcement of federal laws.

Why Attorney General is not a government servant?

S/he enjoys all the privileges and immunities that are available to a member of Parliament. S/he does not fall in the category of government servants. S/he is not debarred from private legal practice. However, s/he should not advise or hold a brief against the GoI.

What is the role of the attorney general UK?

The Attorney General is chief legal adviser to the Crown and has a number of independent public interest functions, as well as overseeing the Law Officers’ departments. Responsibilities include: … Questions of law arising on Bills and with issues of legal policy.

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Does the Attorney General get a pension?

Attorney General Mark Speakman said the maximum retirement age for all judicial officers will increase by three years, up from 72. … Judges appointed after the new legislation commences will be able to access their pension at the age of 65, instead of 60. (Magistrates do not receive a pension.)

What is the attorney general responsible for?

The role of the NSW Attorney General

The NSW Attorney General is the legal advisor to the Government of NSW. The Attorney General is responsible for representing the State and may act on its behalf in all legal proceedings in which the State is a party. preserves civil liberties.

Does an Attorney-General have to be an Attorney?

The Attorney-General attends Cabinet, but the post is not the same as the Minister of Justice. By tradition, persons appointed to the position of Attorney-General have been lawyers.