How do I complain about a solicitor in Ireland?

How do I lodge a complaint about a solicitor in Ireland?

Complaints against Solicitors

  1. General queries email:
  2. Complaints email:
  3. Website:

How do I complain about a solicitor?

You can contact the Legal Ombudsman by: calling them on 0300 555 0333. going to the Legal Ombudsman website.

The Legal Ombudsman deals with poor service, such as:

  1. delayed or unclear communication.
  2. problems with your bill.
  3. loss of documents.

What are the main causes of complaints against solicitors in Ireland?

Allegations of misconduct, inadequate service and high costs made up the majority of the complaints. The stats show: A total of 605 complaints were received. Of these, 587 related to solicitors and 18 related to barristers.

What happens if a solicitor is not responding Ireland?

Perhaps the first thing to do is contact the Law Society’s Complaints Section to clarify things. It can be contacted at the Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7 or 01 6724800. Its web-site also has a section called ‘Complaints Handling’, which should be referred to.

How much does a solicitor make in Ireland?

Salaries will vary depending on employer and/or size of practice. Republic of Ireland: Newly qualified solicitors can earn around €40,000; however those in the Dublin region can earn up to €10,000 more. Partners in large firms can earn in excess of €100,000.

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How can I get my solicitor to hurry up?

Use your direct contact – If it’s the other parties’ solicitor who is delaying the process and you have direct contact with the other party, then you could contact them and ask them to get in touch with their solicitor. This way pressure is being applied to the solicitor, without you having to do it directly.

How long does a solicitor have to respond?

Solicitors must acknowledge written complaints in writing within 7 days and must send a full response within 28 days of the day you make the complaint. They must also keep you informed about the progress of your complaint.

Can I request my file from a solicitor?

The solicitor is not obliged to hand over the following categories of documents: … Therefore, a solicitor can decline any request for a ‘file’ of documents and only provide those which the client is actually entitled to.

Can a solicitor drop a case in Ireland?

Yes, basically. There are some professional ethical issues that need careful consideration – even sacking the client has to be something done in service of the client’s best interests. But, yeah, a solicitor can decline to accept further instructions.

Is there an ombudsman for solicitors in Ireland?

From 7 October 2019, the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) deals with complaints against solicitors.

Can solicitors charge for dealing with complaints?

Under the SRA Code of Conduct, solicitors are required to inform their clients at the outset of a matter of their right to complain and how complaints can be made. Solicitors are also required to handle any complaints (including any cost complaints) promptly, fairly and free of charge.

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